Fall Arrestor – Petzl – ASAP + 40cm ASAP’sorber

ASAP with 40 cm ASAP’SORBER Kit. ASAP mobile fall device with ASAP’SORBER energy absorber.


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- ASAP mobile fall arrest device: In normal use, the ASAP wil move freely along a rope, without manual assistance. In case of shock loading or sudden acceleration, the ASAP locks on the rope and arrests the user’s movement.
- ASAP’SORBER: May only be used with the ASAP or ASAP LOCK devices. It allows a user to work with clearance from their main-line. The fall-decelerating, tear-webbing is protectedfrom abrasion in its pouch that is openable for easy PPE Inspection. Specifications
- Included: ASAP device and 40 cm ASAP’SORBER
- Not included: Karabiner
- Rope compatibility: 10 – 13 mm
- Certified to European and Russian standards when used with an ‘OK’ TRIACT-LOCK Karabiner
- Certified to Nth. American standards when used with a ‘B’mD’ or OXAN TRIACT LOCK (international) Karabiner

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