Who is TSA?

Theatre Safe Australia (TSA) is an Australian-based company that exists to create solutions for the entertainment industry. TSA is motivated by supplying, creating and designing innovative products for our clients and providing service that exceeds expectation.

The products and services TSA provide are tailor-made. We craft solutions to fit every aspect of the diverse industry in which we operate, from large scale productions and corporate events, to local and regional based companies, theatres and schools. No matter what your budget, you will always receive the full TSA service. We believe that this inclusive, ground roots look at our products and service delivery is the pathway to fulfilling one of the mains goals of TSA, that is to craft a tangible difference to the quality and safety of production and events being created and delivered in Australia.



Relationships Over Revenue: We value our client relationships over the revenue of the company. The TSA team will not sacrifice quality or the delivery of the clients solution for the bottom line of the company.

Problem Solving: We value team members who enjoy and rise to the challenge of problem solving. This manifests both with complications that can arise onsite and in the development of solutions in the designing of innovative products.

Exceeding Expectation: We value team members who are motivated to exceed expectations. These are the expectations put forward by both the company and by our clients.

Positivity: We value positivity within our working environment. Positivity that leaves the client confident in TSA. Positivity while working in a team environment to create a great sense of community and positivity when creating solutions for the client and industry.

Innovation: We value innovation within the company both in problem solving and solution design. Our push to constantly be working in a creative and progressive mindset enables the company and team to move the industry forward.