Theatre Safety Inspections

Theatre Safe Australia carries out inspections across a wide range of items and machinery. These inspections are carried out against the recognised Australian Standard’s for such equipment as well as industry best practises. TSA offers safety inspections that are in-depth and comprehensive and very comprehensive to ensure that our clients get the information they require to keep their equipment maintained and more importantly, to ensure their staff and clients are safe.

Theatre Safety Inspections 2

The outcome of a Theatre Safe Australia inspection is to give the manager a clear overview of the systems heath and condition. The report present by Theatre Safe Australia will outline and prioritise any defects or safety concerns that lay within the systems and/or equipment, enabling our clients to action repairs and/or replacements in a timely manner, keeping their staff and clients safe as well as meeting their legal requirements.

If you are looking for a service provider that has the expertise to inspect and maintain your systems whilst providing outstanding service, then Theatre Safe Australia is the provider for you.

Theatre Safety Inspections 3

We have trained personnel ready to carry out safety inspections on:

  • Counter weight flown batten systems
  • Motorised flown batten systems
  • Chain hoists
  • Chain blocks
  • Automated hoisting systems
  • Curtain track motors and tracking systems
  • Fire curtain/building separator doors
  • Stage platform lifts
  • Orchestra pit lifts
  • Rigging equipment
  • Height safety systems
  • Personal height safety equipment