Truss Install


Whether a new build, refurb or maintenance works, Theatre Safe Australia can reduce your stress and take a load off your hands. Years of individual and combined experience across a plethora of platforms and in vastly different venues puts our staff in the unique position to consult, design and supply the state of the art to your venue. As always, the made-to-measure solutions TSA prides itself on delivering, means that your venue will always be reaching its fullest potential.



Are your staff safe? Are your patrons safe? Are you looking to review the safety procedures of your venue? It’s all in the name at Theatre Safe Australia, safety is everyone’s concern and we are sure to make it ours. TSA offers a range of products and packages to ensure the ongoing delivery of safe workplaces and practice. Talk to one of our trained staff members to see how you can rest comfortably knowing your venue, event or production is ticking all the safety boxes.