Theatre Safe Australia (TSA) created a magnificent set for the University of Adelaide’s production, Mamma Mia! It was the major production for the graduating 2021 music theatre students, performed in the University’s own Scott Theatre.

Head of Music Theatre at the University, George Torbay, was pleased to have the TSA Workshop on board to help create this jewel of a performance. With other productions through-out the year, George wanted this one to showcase the graduating students and provide them with a stage brimming with scenery to recreate the theatrical experience of the romantic comedy.

George states, “The TSA Workshop undoubtedly helped create a complete theatre experience for the 2021 graduate students. The buildings, painted platforms and flooring bought the musical to life, allowing the students to immerse themselves in professional theatre surroundings.”

After building the set of Cabaret for the University, the TSA Workshop was looking forward to this project, whist keeping in mind future productions. By designing the set to be adaptable whist maintaining the design specifics unique to the production, allows them to re-work the scenery. They supplied a painted floor, a curved, stepped rostra, a low wall curving around the stage following a winding rostra and masking flats both stage left and stage right. The team at the workshop installed the scenery for the production and disassembled following completion of the series of shows. With the structure purpose built for the Scott Theatre, it is now can be adapted and refreshed by the workshop for the University’s future productions.

Our impressive 3500m² Workshop boasting state-of-the-art manufacturing with a dedicated 1,400m² area for staging and assembly,  allows for full setup including rigging and automation with our abilities to fly scenery, it is an unmatched work area to bring any design to life. With in-house scenic artists, on-site back up and space to build these size sets the TSA Workshop are a one stop shop. All carpentry, engineering, sculpting, scenic art and set electrics are under the one roof.  Accessible for transport and loading, and just 10 minutes from the centre of Adelaide, the TSA Workshop is worth a visit.

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