With the Scenery Workshop in Adelaide now a part of Theatre Safe Australia (TSA), the services and capabilities are growing into a much larger solution for productions by branching into various markets. The beautiful scenery produced by the TSA Workshop for large-scale productions is not all they have the capability to do. The fine art of scenic building, painting, construction, and electrics isn’t just limited to the major touring productions. Similar set design can be created for smaller, local markets where the quality of set creation can be replicated within an affordable budget.

In a recent project the workshop team created a visually stunning set which they hired to Pelican Productions for their stage show Chicago – High School Edition. Pelican Productions is a vital part of the performing arts community in South Australia and has a dedicated team of professional vocal tutors and choreographers who foster young up and coming talent in musical theatre. The set is also being adapted for their latest production, School of Rock, which is financially beneficial to the client to spread the hire cost across different shows.

Kylie Green, Director of Pelican Productions, commented on the impact of the scenery on the stage. “The visual effects of the scenic elements on stage helped to bring our production to life. Our budding young performers were fully immersed in the magic of theatre, along with the very vibrant and enthusiastic audience.”

Now part of TSA, Duncan Barton, Workshop Production Development Officer, explains how it’s opened new channels to reach local schools and community theatre. “Our passion for creating magnificent scenery does not stop in the workshop, we want to assist in creating pathways for young people and aim to inspire the future of performing arts in Australia. Our skilled team work closely with schools, colleges, and universities to build and maintain stage sets that bring local productions to life.

Under one roof the TSA Workshop offers carpentry, engineering, sculpture and props, scenic painting, set electrics, rigging and automation, theatre maintenance, drapes, scenery hire, workshop tours and educator’s professional learning events. For the schools and local community theatre, the TSA Workshop can now offer set building and hire, rigging and automation and maintenance programmes.

For more information download our brochure: Theatre Safe Australia: Scenery Construction and Hire