Theatre drapes that are designed for you

Theatre drapes are often one of the first things you see when walking into a venue. Whether it be a house curtain or maybe a stunning lame’ cloth, your drapes have the ability to set your audience’s mood for the production. Ensuring you have the correct drape to suit your production is very important, but equally important is ensuring that you invest in a drape that will last for years on end.

Utilising high quality fabric with the latest IFR (Inherently Fire Retardant) technology, the drapes we will create for you will not only be designed to impress, but they will be designed to last the test of time in your venue.


The IFR technology that is used in our theatre drapes keeps all the nasty chemicals out of your venue and away from your staff and patrons. The IFR technology is an advancement on old spray-on retardant that would wear off over time, the IFR fabric is naturally fire retardant and will remain that way for the life of the drape, even after going through wash cycles.

Our drapes, backdrops and fabrics are used in theatres and theatrical productions across Australia and New Zealand, in theatres. television, film studios, stadiums, arenas, universities as well as local schools.

With the huge range of fabrics and colours, we can create something to take your venue to the next level.

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