Theatre Safe: venues

TSA Venue Application is a brand new state of the art application designed to provide venues with greater information and tracking ability in their venue then ever before. This program gives you multiple solutions rolled into one simple to use application. TSA: Venue can be used on any device ranging from an Apple mobile device, Samsung mobile device to any desktop computer. Allowing multiple user accounts for greater flexibility and an easier and more extensive tracking system.

Equipment Tracking

With TSA’s equipment register, keeping a detailed and accurate record of the use of your venue’s assets has never been easier. You have the ability to scan your asset codes anywhere, at any time and with any device. Track your assets full usage history, access details of previous services and view information about past defects; all available at your fingertips, when you need it. Our equipment register allows you to maximize the use of our state of the art asset management system.

QR Scanning

Theatre Safe Australia has utilized QR code technology, allowing the user to get instant, up to date information on an item, and tracking those items in our unique application Theatre Safe: Venue. Our developers have not only created an impressively stable QR code reader, but have also created asset tags with QR codes that are readable as small as 8mm, so we can tag any item from rigging equipment through to moving lights.

Task List

Theatre Safe: Venue has inbuilt Task Lists that have been designed to enable managers to receive up to date information on the progress of maintenance tasks. This tool allows the user to input a task, user, venue, completion date, priority rating and specific budget for the task in addition to much more.

Asset Management

Theatre Safe: Venue incorporates a full asset management system into the application, allowing you to keep track of your venue’s or department’s assets. Our asset management system allows you to assign items to particular venues and departments, assign depreciation values, life spans and more. You can also run reports on your assets to assist with future budgeting requirements for replacement, in addition to running reports on missing and decommissioned items, whether by department or venue. You have ready access to full asset information for board members or government officials. For government venues all asset information can be exported to link into any government asset systems.