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Entertainment automation is not a fad or a one-hit wonder. Automation is something that has been around for decades, but now its use in the entertainment industry is becoming more refined, more precise and much more accessible. Not only does scenic and theatrical automation provide some amazing and mind-blowing stage effects, through consistency it also often creates higher safety levels and more efficient productions.

From automated fly systems, set pieces moving onstage, multiple revolving stages to traps doors, TSA has the products for you. TSA designs and constructs a wide range of automation equipment for the entertainment industry. While we have our standard range of products that are ready to go, we also have extensive knowledge in custom and complex builds for specific projects. TSA never compromises on safety or quality, so you can rest at ease knowing that products supplied by TSA will not let you down. TSA provides the perfect turn-key solution for all clients, offering everything from mechanical design and construct though to high-level software control of Raynok.

Raynok is a powerful and comprehensive software used for entertainment automation across the world. Raynok has been designed to easily control all automation machinery and inverters, from single axis automated fly systems to multi-axis 3D rigs. The system has a wide range of abilities such as in-built anti-sway, timecode triggering and the ability to output live positional data of any automated object to media servers for projection mapping purposes. The Raynok system is truly one of the most powerful automation systems available on the market.

Raynoks capabilities along with the TSA team and mechanical components will never cease to impress you.

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