Jag System – Petzl – Haul Kit – 1m


JAG SYSTEM haul kit. Ideal for pickoffs, making a releasable anchor or tensioning a system, thanks to its 4:1 mechanical advantage and good efficiency. The collapsible kit is compact, making it usable in situations with limited head-room to the anchor. Its unique, flexible mesh coverprevents tangling for easy deployment. Available in three lengths, 1, 2 and 5 m.

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Kit contais:
� JAG sheave pulley: 2 sheaves on sealed ball bearings
� JAG TRAXION pulley: 2 sheaves on sealed ball bearings
� Two Am’D Triple action Karabiners
� Static cord
� Rigged in tangle proof mesh cover Specifications:
� Cord diametre: 8 mm
� WLL: 6 kN
� Break strength: 16 kN
� Efficiency: 91%

Weight – 0.68 kg

Country of origin – FR

Manufacturer part no – P044AA02

Min order qty – 1


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