Safety Always First

You wouldn’t hire a car from a bike shop, so why would you hire rigging equipment anywhere else but a rigging shop?

Rigging, is not a side project for TSA, it is our life. Rigging must always meet the highest standards, there is no ‘it should be fine‘.  Our equipment is maintained and serviced by our trained and qualified in-house service team, the equipment you receive onsite (whether it be for a 1-week hire or a 1-year hire) will be in peak working condition and will meet all the current Australian and Industry standards, as well as be fit for purpose.

All our hoists are double-braked, fit for purpose and are d8+ rated! All hoists and rigging get inspected pre-hire and post-hire, so you know for sure it can all keep up with your pace.

TSA rigging rental stock includes:

  • 250kg Chain Hoist
  • 500Kg Chain Hoist
  • 1000kg Chain Hoist
  • 2000kg Chain Hoists
  • Variable Speed Hoists
  • Load Cells
  • Trussing
  • Slings
  • Shackles
  • Basic Hoist Controllers
  • Pro Hoist Controllers
  • Advanced Hoist Controllers

When you have TSA equipment on your production you know you are safe on the ground and in the air. Be sure to ask us about our production rigging crew who can assist with calculating loads and complex load-in’s.

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