EXE Rise 250kg Chain Hoist D8 Plus Double Brake 4m/min Low Voltage Large Frame

EXE Rise Fixed Speed Chain Hoist / Small Frame – Three phase – Single Fall

The Small Frame EXE RISE Chain Hoist is extremely light due to its small body made from cast aluminium.

♦  FEM class 2m (duty factor 40%)
♦  Standard or Self Climbing Suspension
♦  Swivel Body and Chain Hook
♦  Handles work in either orientation
♦  The clutch is positioned on the motor shaft in front of
the motor assembly, outside of the load path
♦  Zinc Galvanized Steel 80 grade chain  (DIN EN 818-7)

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Fixed speed EXE Rise chain hoists have been specifically designed to satisfy the demanding needs and requests of the entertainment and touring market.

Years of research and development have contributed to an extremely perfor- mance-oriented, precise and safe range of hoists that see customer trust increasing exponentially all over the world.
The electrical-mechanical features and high quality compo- nents of the hoist body are made in Italy, making EXE Rise chain hoists unique and unmatched on the international market. An 8:1 safety factor, 5-pocket load wheel, clutch outside the load path, gear box design, and swivel body/chain hooks are just a few of the excellent features highlighted in the following pages.

Compatibility with all EXE Drive motor controllers, and the possibility of equipping them with an encoder, limit switch and load cell, allow EXE Rise chain hoists to meet all of our customers’ needs.

Available in Direct and Low Voltage Control versions, the EXE Rise range of chain hoists are CE marked in accordance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and comply with all requirements given in the new German Quality Standard SQP2:2018.

The Small Frame EXE RISE Chain Hoist is extremely light due to its small body made from cast aluminium.

Main Features

Model D8+ 250 kg LVC
Type of Control Low Voltage Control
Working Load Limit 250 kg
Lifting Speed 4 m/min @50 Hz
Power 0.5 kW
Body Self-Weight 17 kg
Duty Factor 40%
IP Rate 55
Limit Switch Not Provided
Fall of Chain 1
Size of Chain 4x12 mm
Chain Self-Weight 0.35 kg/m