For TSA every project begins at ground zero. Each flight or effect is a unique opportunity to customise something new and thrilling. No moment in theatre and production should be passed over or thought as “that’s how it’s always been done”. Nothing Great has ever been created from a copy and paste.

At the first point of contact we will work with you to decide how you want the effect to look. This ‘endgame’ driven development process allows TSA to, rather than just looking at what equipment you might want to hire, explore the multiple pathways there are to get to you designed effect.

Once we have established the desired look and feel of your effect, we can then decide the best and most cost effective way forward. At the same time we will seek to seamlessly integrate the effect into your production.

At TSA we are ever mindful that performer flying can be dangerous and put the performers, operators and audience in potentially hazardous situations. Unlike the controlled environments of flying scenery, the more unpredictable human element of performer can greatly influence the way a performer flying system reacts. Our staff will work with cast and operators to choreograph a safe and artistically convincing routine. With the correct Guidance from TSA your performer flying effect should not be any more hazardous than any performance activity.

Whilst it is true that TSA are specialists in the technical equipment required for performer flying, we are also attentive to the theatricality of such an effect. TSA are always looking to experiment and develop with artists and choreographers to design new routines whist maintaining the highest level of safety.

Our team have been working with international performer flying companies for the last 25 years, Drawing on over 60 years of their collective experience. Having worked on some of the largest theatre productions on the West End and Broadway, rock and pop tours internationally and on many large film, TV and opening ceremonies worldwide our team our team boasts a wealth of experience.

TSA are among only a handful of companies in the world where equipment has been specifically designed and manufactured for the performer flying effects industry. Our equipment is unique in that it is not modified stage, industrial or climbing equipment but rather custom designed products with the safety and success for use in theatrical productions in mind. This enables our effects to not only operate and look the best, it also ensures that we are following the highest international standard of safety. The harnesses we create have been designed, refined and put to use over many years and are specifically for performer flying.


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