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At Theatre Safe Australia, we approach all projects as a blank canvas, starting at ground zero. Every flight effect is an opportunity to create something unique and exhilarating. “This is how it’s always been done,” simply doesn’t fly, and no moment in theatre should ever be dismissed as conventional.

From the very first interaction, we collaborate closely with you to understand your vision for the effect. Our development process is driven by the anticipated end result, allowing us to explore multiple pathways to achieve your desired effect, rather than solely focusing on equipment selection.

Once we have established the desired look and feel of your effect, we carefully determine the most optimal and cost-effective approach, whilst at the same time striving to effortlessly integrate the effect into your overall production.

At TSA we are very much aware that performer flying carries inherent risks and can potentially expose performers, operators, and the audience at risk. Unlike the controlled environment of flying scenery, the human element of performers can have a significant influence on the behaviour of the performance flying system. Our staff therefore works closely with the cast and operators to choreograph a safe and artistically convincing routine. With guidance from TSA, your performer flying effect should not pose any greater risk than any other performance activities.

While its true that we are experts in the technical equipment required for performer flying, we also prioritise the theatricality of the effect. We constantly seek opportunities to collaborate and innovate with artists and choreographers, with the aim to design new routines while upholding the highest standards of safety.

TSA are among only a handful of companies globally where equipment has been specifically designed and manufactured for the performer flying effects in the industry. Our uniqueness is born from the fact that our solutions are not adapted from stage, industrial or climbing gear, but rather custom designed products with the safety and success for use in theatrical productions in mind. This enables our effects to not only operate and look the best, but it also ensures that we are following the highest international standard of safety.

The harnesses we create have been designed, refined, and put to practical use over many years and are specifically tailored for performer flying.

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