Christmas Time

As much as Santa loves TSA’s products we believe his reindeer have a few more years left in them.

From the TSA team we hope you have a safe and happy holiday season and remember if you ever need anything TSA’s office is 24hrs all year round.santa

EXE-Rise Taking On The Challenge

Don’t get stuck doing things the old way…

The double-braked ‘Exe-Rise’ chain hoist 1T has a 8:1 safety factor with a single fall of chain, allowing you to lift large loads without requiring a secondary back up.

…Why risk it when we have the solution?img_5978-jpgimg_5979-jpg

Arts Center Gold Coast

The Arts Centre Gold Coast is enjoying their new IFR Drapes supplied by TSA, having retired their old pleated legs, borders and tabs for the new and fresh flat drapes, every one is very happy…. Just in time for dance school season! lucky the new range of drapes are tough enough to withstand years of abuse.


Moving Forward With Safety

Would you drive your car without a speedometer?

Why do we lift and move loads without load cells then?

Providing arguably the most advanced load cells on the market with wireless technology why not contact us today and lead the way to a safer industry.

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