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Since its founding in 1946, Gerriets has developed into a specialist for stage and event needs and still remains a family run business with offices and distributors around the world.

The product portfolio has been continuously expanded and developed for the needs of its customers.

Gerriets supply a comprehensive range of stage textiles and materials as well as an impressive selection of high-quality track and rail systems to suit every need, for moving curtains, scenery and lighting in the stage environment with capacities of up to 1200Kgs on a single carrier. There is also an array of technical solutions for attaching curtains to tracks tubes and fixtures and a DMX compatible Kabuki Drop system as well as a self-contained festoon curtain system.

Gerriets Tracking Systems


A track for lightweight curtains up to 4m


Please note:
• For permanent installations only.
• Not suitable for motor-operation.

Curtain track options:
• Walk-along track.
• Side cord operation.

> ACE spec sheet.pdf


A curtain track for medium and heavy duty applications.

Installation options:
• Direct ceiling mounting.
• Hook clamp installation for use on truss and pipe battens.
• Wall mount bracket.

Curtain track options:
• Walk-along track.
• Side cord operation
• Top cord operation.
• Double top cord operation.

> TRUMPF 95 Load Chart.pdf


A curtain track for heavy duty applications.

• For heavyweight curtains and scenery.
• Heavy-duty carrier options. • With quick connect / release track splices for touring use.

Installation options:
• Direct ceiling mounting
• Hook clamp mounting for use on truss or pipe battens.
• Wall mount brackets.

Curtain track options:
• Walk-along track.
• Side cord operation.
• Bottom cord operation.
• Top cord operation.
• Double top cord operation.

> Joker 95 Load Chart.pdf

Technical Items

CARGO is a heavy duty track systems, the CARGO profile is fabricated from high-tensile strength extruded Aluminium.
It is available in four different sizes with corresponding load capacity and technical data. Heavy-Duty Carriers are available in either plastic or Aluminium body.

Due to its very high load capacity, impressive spans are possible!

Please note:
CARGO track systems may only be built with original CARGO components. This concerns, in particular, any kind of track suspensions and chassis.

Designed for loads up to 250kg
Profile Height: 105mm
Weight: 5kg/m

Designed for loads up to 500kg
Profile Height: 140mm
Weight: 7kg/m

Designed for loads up to 750kg
Profile Height: 180mm
Weight: 8.5kg/m

Designed for loads up to 1200kg
Profile Height: 220mm
Weight: 10kg/m

> CARGO Load Chart.pdf

KABUKI Drop System

KABUKI G2 is the Gerriets system for reliably dropping any type of curtain in a fraction of a second.
The electronically controlled, and extremely quick KABUKI G2 system allows load ratings up to 35kg per release unit.

A LED integrated into the bottom of the release unit is standard. This added feature gives a visual confirmation from below that the unit is ready to be fired.

Components of the system:
• Release unit.
• G-FRAME 54 KABUKI G2 control

• Control cable with XLR connector.

• Quick and easy installation.
• Several attachment methods to accommodate almost any application.
• Attachment of tensioned materials also possible.
• Release units can be moved individually so there is no need to reposition the eyelets on existing curtains.
• An ideal choice for touring productions.

Security features:
• “Double-check” function: An automatic check circuit ensures proper operation of the system.
• In case of power failure, release units remain locked to avoid an accidental release of the system.

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Projection Screens
Batten Clew

The Gerriets Batten Clew is an innovative load distribution device that was developed by the Bavarian State Opera in Munich, Germany. The Batten Clew allows heavy loads to be evenly distributed over several pipe battens using a theatre’s existing overhead rigging system. The existing rigging system now becomes more useful and efficient with the use of the Batten Clew.

The Gerriets Batten Clew is available in eight different versions that can accommodate the mechanical connection of two and twelve pipes depending on the pipe batten diameter and on-center dimensions. The result is the ability to safely lift loads from 500 kg up to 6,000 kg. This is based on a certified load rating of 500 kg per batten. It is highly recommended that only qualified trained rigging technicians use and operate rigging systems that use the Batten Clew.

The system is modular and is based on two principal designs; 2-Way and 3-Way clew assemblies. For example, the 4-Way Batten Clew is designed around two 2-Way clew assemblies and the 8-Way Batten Clew is designed around two 4-way Batten Clews that can be disassembled and used individually. The Batten Clew comes standard with round hooks for 70 mm (2 1⁄2″) diameter pipe battens. Other shape hooks can be custom ordered to support rectangular of square tube profiles.

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Sidelight Towers

Gerriets employs a state-of-the-art high-frequency welding process to manufacture top-quality, professional welded projection screens. This process encompasses several steps which produce nearly invisible seams. This method also allows the production of high-gloss vinyl film and other PVC screens.

Inflatable screens with air valves are also available.

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