The TSA Workshop supplied Loreto College in Maryatville, South Australia, a striking, sensory piece of art for the Junior School Micklegate Library. The workshop designed and custom-built an incredible tree, utilising their carpentry skills, scenic painting and set-electrics, to deliver an inspiring result.

The tree was meticulously designed, and consideration of purpose and usability well thought out. Constructed from wood, the piece was assembled in the workshop and, after the scenic painting, came alive with an incredible wood-like texture to give the tree an authentic look and feel.

Fairy lights were added to help create a sensory environment, with the power on the base of the tree, it ran up the middle to connect to the lights. Within its environment at the college the tree sits on a green carpeted area and incorporates seating areas and shelves, making it the feature of the learning space.

“This is a great piece to demonstrate the flexibility of what The TSA Workshop can do, it’s a one-off piece that will be a part of the school for years to come.” Duncan Barton, TSA.