Didn't know you needed it.

Admiral Staging design and manufacture products you never knew you needed – unique and versatile staging solutions and essentials. These products have become a must-have for professionals in the global events and entertainment industry. With a strong network of international distribution partners Admiral Staging have managed to establish themselves as a go-to brand worldwide. They are committed to innovation and to continuously develop unique, versatile products.

What makes Admiral stand out is the modular nature of the products. The solutions are designed to empower professionals to create and customise their setups efficiently and in line with their ever-evolving needs and creative vision.

TSA is proud to partner with Admiral Staging to provide these quality products to the Australian market.

Admiral Swivel Couplers

With Admirals’ TÜV certified Swivel couplers you can mount two tubes at any angle imaginable. A great example of using this coupler would be bracing a truss with an extra tube. Connecting the couplers is much faster and easier than rotating the shackle around the tube and tightening it with a butterfly nut. Admiral Staging offers these Swivel couplers in two different sizes, 30 mm and 50 mm width. There are also two different styles, aluminum and aluminum black anodised.

Ø 48-51mm Diameter
100 / 200 / 500kg WLL

Swivel Coupler – Admiral – RD 48-50mm – 30mm – WLL- 200kg Sliver 01

Admiral Selflock Couplers

The Admiral Staging Selflock coupler is a product that lives up to its name. This great coupler is a suspension hook that can be placed around a tube. After hanging a product on a bar or tube, the product’s weight is directly transferred to the tube. By tightening the shackle, a highly tension-proof connection is created. Bolt, ring and butterfly nut are included. The Selflock couplers are TÜV certified and available in aluminum and aluminum black anodised. 

Ø 48-51mm Diameter
250kg WLL
Selflock Coupler Easy – Admiral – OD 48-51mm – M10 – Black – WLL- 250kg – RIHAHCA12_01

Admiral Half Couplers

Our wide range of Half Couplers are typically used to mount luminaires and other equipment to round tubes with ease. The Half couplers are available with a width of 30 mm or 50 mm and a WLL up to 750 kg! These TÜV certified couplers are available in anodised grey (silver) and black.

Ø 18-21mm Diameter; 10kg WLL

Ø 32-35mm Diameter; 75kg WLL

Ø 48-51mm Diameter; 100kg, 200kg, 500kg, 750kg WLL

Ø 58-61mm Diameter; 750kg WLL


Swivel Coupler – Admiral – RD 48-50mm – 30mm – WLL- 200kg Sliver 01

Admiral Half Couplers with Lifting Eye

Our range of Admiral half couplers would not be complete without the special half coupler with lifting eye. The couplers M10 ring bolt is used for lifting loads via, for instance, soft steels, ropes or cables. These TÜV certified half couplers with lifting eye have a WLL of 200 kg and are available in anodised grey (silver) and black.

Ø 48-51mm Diameter; 200kg WLL 

Half Coupler with Lifting Eye Admiral 200kg Silver 2

Admiral Quick Couplers

The quick coupler’s name tells you all you need to know. This suspension hook can be quickly placed around a tube. After hanging a product on a bar or tube, the product weight is directly transferred to the tube. By tightening the shackle, a high tension-proof connection is created. Bolt, ring and butterfly nut are included. Our Admiral quick couplers are available in galvanised (silver) and black.


Ø 48-51mm Diameter; 250kg WLL 

Quick Coupler – Admiral – OD 48-51mm – M10 – Black or Silver – WLL- 250kg Black

Cable bridge

This product protects your expensive cables from foot traffic, vehicles and audiences. These cable bridges are designed for use in high traffic areas. They have a solid rubber base with a bright yellow cover and are available with a various number of channels.

Admiral offers cable bridges with one, two, three or five channels. Corner pieces are available with 2 or 5 channels.

Admiral QWIQR Sliding Connector for Lamps

QWIQR – “Coupling fixtures was never that quick.”

The Admiral Qwiqr is the next generation sliding connector for clamps. We do have a very good reason to name this item the Qwiqr, because this clamp is quick. Slide the hook into the housing and click! Actually you will not hear one click, but two. Two separate locking switches will provide you the safest lock possible. Two outwards positioned indicators will show you the product is properly double locked and no further attention is needed. The clamp part now is secured by two individual locks. Furthermore, the clamp part is spring loaded to avoid backlash. Disassembly of the parts is even quicker. Push the clamp part inwards into the housing, press both locking switches and slide the hook outwards. It’s that simple!

Strong Boy Universal Truss Dolly

The “Strong Boy” is a strong cart! Suitable for both 30 and 40 truss, the base is made of strong 2 and 3 mm steel. Its zinc coated to whithstand the test of time and equipped with rubber studs for optimal friction of your truss. Hooks can be applied on each side of the dolly to secure the load.

Strong Girl circular truss carrier

The Strong Girl is designed for transporting circular trusses with a square cross section. It will fit circular trusses with an outer diameter from 2.5m up to 10m.Depending on the diameter of your truss, rubber studs are mounted onto the frame for optimal positioning of your circular truss. The frame is made of 3mm zinc plated steel and is equipped with cuttings for attaching the hooks of your straps. The length of the frame will enable you to use a forklift to hoist the load into a truck. When stacking your trusses, depending on the diameter of your truss, the Admiral truss carrier or special designed stacking devices can be ordered.

Ballet Floor Cart

How will you transport your ballet or stage floor to and from your venue? The Admiral Ballet floor transporter is the best answer to your question. The simplest solution is using the Admiral Ballet floor cart. The cart is available in two different lengths.

A sturdy plastic tube is placed at the base of this cart. This tube can be rotated with a foldable handle. After use, this handle folds between the brackets of the cart.

Baseplate Transporter

The Admiral Baseplate wagon was developed to have a very ergonomic design. Placing heavy baseplates has been made easy with the intuitive design of our transporter. Moving 4 or 6 plates including conical couplers is no problem for this dolly. The wheels on the baseplate transporter have been equipped with brakes. When they are applied, you can conveniently place your baseplates onto the wagon effortlessly. The plates will slide easily into their designated place and when they reach an angle of 90 degrees, your plates are safely and stably stored. Once your baseplates are in place, the transporter can be shut with your own cover, then locked with four butterfly locks.

Sidelight Towers

Sidelight towers can be equipped with moving heads, theatre luminaires and other lighting fixtures. The position of the hanging bar can be symmetrical or asymmetrical in this dolly, depending on what you transport: profile spots or moving heads.

Telescopic ladder: the ladder can be pushed upwards and a self-winding pull strap helps you to lift the system before you insert the locking pin to secure the ladder.

Meatrack For Fixtures

Admiral Staging offers a wide variety of transport carts. Our meatracks, 60 cm wide, are made to transport your moving heads, lighting bars and single luminaires. Single luminaires can be hung on aluminum or steel bars, while four or six bars can be hung on brackets.

Cable Cart

With the cable cart, you can organise all your cables easily. In addition, 80 mm wide brackets prevent cables from bending too tightly and damaging internal wiring. Place several brackets next to each other or in line above each other for the most convenient layout. Cable studs can be mounted to any available Admiral Staging cart.

Freedom Rigging System

The name of this product sums it all up. Admiral Staging has developed a modular rigging system that has so many hanging options you will run out of ideas before you run out of options. The system can be used suspended or standing and boasts so many length and width combinations it’s difficult to calculate! Multiple tubes can slide into each other in order to vary the height, while the width can be determined by various lengths of the suspension tubes. With the Freedom rigging system, you can rig any kind of luminaire from fixtures to yokespots.

Valcro Cable Wraps
Cable Wrap

Bundle all your cables quickly, neatly, and efficiently with the Admiral cable wrap. With our smart and intuitive design, the cable wraps will stay firmly in place around your cables. Your choice of four lengths and eight different colours offers you many applications to suit your needs.

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